Mudik Bareng Lacakin, Dapatkan Smartphone!

Sebentar lagi lebaran! Momentum yang selalu jadi ritual kita saat lebaran adalah mudik dan kumpul keluarga, dan kali ini Lacakin bisa turut serta memeriahkan. Saat mudik dengan kendaraan pribadi, biasanya kita konvoi bareng-bareng. Disana kita bisa gunakan Lacakin supaya posisi rombongan selalu terpantau agar tidak terpisah. Sering juga anggota keluarga berangkat mudik dari kota yang berbeda-beda, sekarang ini dapat dipantau sebaran pergerakan mudik anggota keluarga dengan Lacakin. Acara kumpul bareng keluarga di kampung halaman juga tidak kalah seru.

Complimentary Service for Full Features of Lacakin

We already provide a very quick start with Lacakin. Download the app from Playstorecreate a Lacakin account, create an event code, then use it on the app. Since our Dashboard feature is not yet released for public, your experience is limited only to the basic features of Lacakin.

Climbing Segments and Checkpoint Leaderboards

Just recently, we supported the event of Le Tour de Anesthesia 2016. The route offers beautiful scenery with varying climbs, nearly 200 cyclists participanting. The organizer provides a complete map with elevation profiles, showing how many climbs. Most of the participants were not locals, therefore they were not familiar with the route. Although they had a map along the ride, they might not sense where they are, have they reached the last climb, or there's much more climbs up ahead.

Using GPS Device with Lacakin

Sometimes, people activates Lacakin only in emergency situation (to preserve battery), e.g. when we're feeling lost, or when we're left behind quite far from our group. When there are no other active Lacakin users, we can still see the designated route, but we cannot see how far from others.

Live Event Tracking, Cycling 366 km from Malang to Jogja

Gadjah Mada University held an endurance cycling event on 11 - 13 December 2015, travelling 366 km from Malang (East Java) to Jogjakarta (Central Java). Lacakin provides support for the event, there were 60 participants who actively tracked by Lacakin. This was the premier live event tracking supported by Lacakin.

Low Battery Use

One of our friend shares his experience using Lacakin, regarding battery usage. During his 5 hours cycling trip, he activated Lacakin, Endomondo and also Whatsapp at the same time with 3G connectivity. Afterwards, he shared this picture with us, a snapshot of Data Usage screen from his Sony Xperia M2. Apparently, Lacakin's battery usage is similar to Whatsapp, and less than Endomondo. This feedback is very useful for us, we continues to find more ways to make Lacakin even lower battery usage.

About Lacakin

It all started from cycling. We are cycling lovers from Gamatechno. We loves cycling, we participated in so many cycling events, especially long distance events, travelling hundreds of kilometers from cities to cities, even places of unknown. When we participated organizing cycling events, we have difficulties in managing scattered cyclists. Even cyclists frequently felt lost in nowhere, they need to look for signs of directions. The feeling of lost lessen the joyfulness of cycling.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs your use of Lacakin (“Apps”) that was created by PT. Gamatechno Indonesia (“Gamatechno”). Lacakin is a smartphone based GPS tracker, enabling users to see each other on the map by using the same event code.

What information does the Application obtain and how is it used?

User Provided Information 

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