Using GPS Device with Lacakin

Sometimes, people activates Lacakin only in emergency situation (to preserve battery), e.g. when we're feeling lost, or when we're left behind quite far from our group. When there are no other active Lacakin users, we can still see the designated route, but we cannot see how far from others.

Therefore, we experiment with a GPS device commonly available on the market, which also compatible with Lacakin. The device is quite portable, battery powered, also easily fits in a pocket. The idea is to bring along this small device on any ride, just switch on and put into pocket. This device will periodically send location updates to Lacakin server. Anyone who activates Lacakin will see this device's position. On our tests, with location update interval of 1 minutes, the battery lasts for 11 hours. Setting the interval to 10 mins extends the battery longer, lasting 39 hours. Extra battery is also included on the package, so if you have both battery fully charged, you can use it for 22 hours.

Every device need to be registered with Lacakin. You need to use Dashboard to associate the device IMEI with event code. Since we haven't released Dashboard for public, please let us know if you plan to use similar GPS device. If you have one, just contact us to make sure it is compatible with Lacakin.