Live Event Tracking, Cycling 366 km from Malang to Jogja

Gadjah Mada University held an endurance cycling event on 11 - 13 December 2015, travelling 366 km from Malang (East Java) to Jogjakarta (Central Java). Lacakin provides support for the event, there were 60 participants who actively tracked by Lacakin. This was the premier live event tracking supported by Lacakin.

The event was open for cyclists with diverse capablities, and we need to provide equally better logistics support (food, snacks, water) for all of the participants. In order to improve the event management, the participants were grouped based on their capabilities. Namely, there's group A1 (average speed of 35 km/hour), group A2 (average speed of 30 km/hour), and so on. But we have a limited logistics team, we don't have a dedicated logistics team for each group. For this purpose, we setup a different marker colours for every participants on each group. We use red colour for group A1, orange colour for group A2 and so on. We also setup another marker for logistics team, such as ambulance and cars. Therefore, each of the participants had a better visualization on where they are, how far they are from the nearest groups or from the logistics team.. The following video is the screen from each of the participant's Lacakin app on their smartphones, a footage from third day of the event.

On the logistics team, we also had one guy as "command center" who oversees the whole participant, standing by for reports of incidents and dispatching immediate actions. If there is a sudden incident (punctured tyres,bike crash, cramped muscles, etc), participant dials command center hotline, informing the ID (bike tag number) of the injured one, the location then can be dispatched to nearby logistics team. The phone number of the injured one also visible on screen, so it is easy to inform them the estimated time of arrival. Overseeing is done by using Lacakin Dashboard, as you can see from the video footage below. We can oversee the up ahead participants (red coloured) and also the far most participants (blue coloured). Overseeing through Dashboard was indeed very useful, not only for responsive incident handling, but also to provide fast response for groups who requires additional logistics support. There was one case when the logistics team did not stop at the planned checkpoints, the groups was lack of water. Since the groups activated Lacakin, the command center was able to dispatch nearby support cars to intercept the groups on the right spot.

Having Lacakin on this event was a very insightful experience for the organizer. This inspires the use of Lacakin for upcoming events. Have a try, feel free to contact us to share your experiences.