Complimentary Service for Full Features of Lacakin

We already provide a very quick start with Lacakin. Download the app from Playstorecreate a Lacakin account, create an event code, then use it on the app. Since our Dashboard feature is not yet released for public, your experience is limited only to the basic features of Lacakin. As you can read from our blog posts, actually you can experience much more with Lacakin, such as: routes, climbing segments, checkpoints, leaderboards and custom markers. If you're planning to organize an event requiring full features of Lacakin, we can help. It is our complimentary service, we don't charge you on our service, we just need your honest feedback and testimonials on Playstore. If you kindly mention Lacakin on a Facebook post, we gladly give you a custom event code. Yes, it is an event code tailored as you wish, an event code with simple-to-remember acronym, without any random letters :)

How to get this complimentary service? Simply contact us, tell us about the event and how we can help. Our team will respond, and we can discuss further arrangement of your preference. As a starting point to render routes on Lacakin, we usually need a GPX/KML file or a map drawn in Google My Map. Defining checkpoints is easy, just point the locations. Defining custom markers are also easy, we just need people to register at Lacakin, then we can assign different markers for each person. We can also share design materials for Lacakin Quick Start Guide, you can modify and distribute to the participants. If you have any ideas or questions on how Lacakin can help, please don't hesitate to discuss with us. we can also have a chat with Google Hangout or WhatsApp. 

Enjoy, hope you can get the most out of Lacakin.