Climbing Segments and Checkpoint Leaderboards

Just recently, we supported the event of Le Tour de Anesthesia 2016. The route offers beautiful scenery with varying climbs, nearly 200 cyclists participanting. The organizer provides a complete map with elevation profiles, showing how many climbs. Most of the participants were not locals, therefore they were not familiar with the route. Although they had a map along the ride, they might not sense where they are, have they reached the last climb, or there's much more climbs up ahead. Even our fellow cyclists might not provided the accurate information.

Our team had an idea to visualize the climbs on Lacakin. Instead of seeing the plain blue line, it would be nice to see a red line marking a climbing segment. How to do this is actually easy. As usual, we draw the route on Google Map, added some layers to draw the red coloured climbing segments. You can see the map here. When it's done, just export the map to KML, then import it to Dashboard. The route on Lacakin is now updated with colours as shown on Google Map. This provides useful information for cyclists, helping them maintain spiritful cycling experience.


The last climb position was marked as checkpoint named "Cakruk", it was a short but quite a steep climb. When marked as a checkpoint, Lacakin collects the timestamp of everyone who checks in and out. This information is useful for cyclists who had concern on their performance among others. Following is the snapshot from Lacakin Dashboard, showing leaderboards from the "Cakruk" checkpoint. The middle column is the check-in time, the rightmost column is the check-out time.

The use of checkpoints is not only useful for cyclists, but also for the organizer. The information on checkpoints can be used as a basis of validation or awarding, for example: top 10 fastest cyclist on certain checkpoint will earn a special badge, doorprizes will be eligible for cyclists who passess all checklists. If you have an idea how Lacakin can be much more useful, feel free to let us know.