About Lacakin

It all started from cycling. We are cycling lovers from Gamatechno. We loves cycling, we participated in so many cycling events, especially long distance events, travelling hundreds of kilometers from cities to cities, even places of unknown. When we participated organizing cycling events, we have difficulties in managing scattered cyclists. Even cyclists frequently felt lost in nowhere, they need to look for signs of directions. The feeling of lost lessen the joyfulness of cycling.

That's why think there should be something we can do to solve this, just by using common devices cyclists had on every ride, which is their smartphones. We also a huge fan of Endomondo and Strava. Endomondo once had this solution, a great solution to track group events, but they no longer provided the service. Meanwhile, GPS vehicle tracking is already one of the core solutions of Gamatechno. We wanted to bring the goodness of GPS technology to the world of cycling. This is why we develop Lacakin, publicly available for use.

Lacakin is currently available on Android, hopefully soon we can deliver the IOS version. You can use Lacakin for free, but without the Dashboard. You will have access to the public tracking page of each event, but you can not import GPX routes, defining checkpoints and creating custom markers. Dashboard module is fully functional, but we still have some work to improve the user experience. If you plan to organize an event requiring the features of Dashboard, we gladly provide support, feel free to contact us for further arrangements.

Have a try, share your experience with Lacakin to us. We greatly appreciate your feedback. Enjoy!