Feel safe on the go

Lacakin helps you feel safe while on the go,
allowing friends and families to follow your
adventure and achievements.

Helpful Mobile Apps

Where Are My Friends?

You can see your own location, also the location of other Lacakin user on the same event.

How Much Further?

See how close your current location from the nearest checkpoint. You can also see who's ahead and behind.

Just Follow The Line

Designated route is plotted on the map. If you're feeling lost, just follow the line to get back on the right track

Available on Android

Lacakin mobile apps is currently available on Android. Other smartphones can use the Public Tracking Page to see each other.

Lacakin Dashboard


Locate People, Cars, Everything

You can setup custom marker for each user. Just click locate from the list of users, and you will see where they are!


Import Routes

Plot your GPX on the map, easily locate who's off the route. Route will be shown on client apps.



Custom checkpoints can be defined on the map. You can easily monitor who's on each checkpoint in realtime, know exactly when people checks in and out.


Historical Path

You can "replay" to see historical path of people, which route they have taken. Useful for validating trips.

Public Tracking Page

Share your adventure and excitement to friends and families, even the world! Every events will have each own publicly accessed URL.

Get The Most Out of Lacakin

Using Lacakin on your smartphone requires an event code. After creating your account, you can create and manage unlimited event codes. If you plan to organize an event requiring the full features of Lacakin, please let us know, we will be happy to assists in setting up routes, checkpoints and custom markers. Go ahead, have a try.